terms of service

By purchasing an unlocking code from Unlocker Zone you acknowledge that Unlocker Zone takes no liability for the content that the code unlocks. Unlocker Zone exclusively deals with selling unlocking codes and the only thing you purchase from Unlocker Zone is the code itself. The code consists of a sequence of chracters and is thus not a physical product.


The moment you view the code you have purchased you forfeit any rights for a refund. Since you're shown (and emailed if you have opted in for it) the code as soon as the payment is finalized, you can not apply for a refund unless a technical issue by Unlocker Zone prohibits you from using it. A technical issue could be a server outrage, or a technical failure by the servers on Unlocker Zone that prohibits the website from displaying the code. If this is the case then, in order to receive a refund, take a screen shot of the issue and email it to support[at] Note that Unlocker Zone only is liable to process a refund request in the event of technical errors on OUR site ( and can not be held responsibe for any errors in using the code on a third party publisher site.